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Family Project

“Strengthening the bond between children and their families”
original pajamas

Using a child's drawing as a pattern

We want to deliver matching pajamas for the whole family!

​The project started with that thought◎


What is it?

Children's hand-drawn drawings.JPG

​Children's hand-drawn illustrations

Children's drawings are creative and cute! Because you can use colors and shapes freely and draw naturally, it's easy to create nice, nuanced patterns.


Combine pictures to create an original pattern

​Cut out several types of pictures and combine them to create an original pattern!

Completed drawing.PNG

​ Matching pants pajamas for the whole family


How original pajamas are made


1. Contact us

Official LINEThan"Family pajama project"Please contact us at ​.

We will get back to you.

Online consultation.jpg

2. Counseling

We will ask you any questions you may have, such as whether you would like to visit and draw a picture with your child or have your child send a picture online.

Online, you will basically be asked to send photos via LINE◎

​Is this kind of picture okay? Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns! ​


3.Draw a picture together or have it sent to you

If you visit, let's draw together♪

If you are online, please take a photo in a bright place and send it via LINE ◎

For photos, we accept them via LINE or email, but if you have a large number of drawings, we ask that you use our free data file transfer service!


4. Design the picture

We will design the fabric by combining the pictures here!

​Please feel free to tell us the picture or color you would like us to use ^^

Wig maintenance.jpg

5.Fabric printing

Print the design data on the fabric◎

​It will take about 3.4 weeks.

Wig confirmation.jpg

6.Making pajamas

We will make handmade pants and pajamas using the finished fabric (about 1 to 2 weeks).


7. Mail your pajamas

We will mail your family's pajamas♪

(If you send us a picture by mail, we will also return the picture you have kept!)

​Please look forward to it ^^



pajama pants set
¥29,800 (shipping included)

​ [Total of 3 items for parents and one child]

If you have siblings or would like to increase the number of other relatives, please contact us!

We have received the printed fabric for this item, so if we have enough fabric, we may be able to keep the same price depending on the size.◎

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