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Wellness & beauty brand -whichever aims to create an environment where anyone can feel cheerful and energetic at any time!


A project that was born from a group of friends who usually work as hair and makeup artists and beauty professionals who run eyelash and eyebrow salons.



In the beauty business, customers are happy when they look beautiful, cute, and cool, and they feel relaxed.

It's a wonderful job that creates a cycle that makes you want to make it even more beautiful.


In such a situation, whichever started because of a friend who was in a different situation due to illness or injury.


I always enjoyed being fashionable, but I gave up on making myself beautiful.

Of course, I think that healing illness and injury is the top priority.

but! Please don't stop getting excited. I want to raise as much as I can.


I thought that what we could do was to make it possible for more people to make use of work that raises their spirits.

Of course, it is not because they are sick or because they are injured,

​Fashion is something everyone can enjoy.

You can use wigs fashionable for everyday use,

making clothes that are easier to change,

We want to provide beauty and fashion that can be answered in any condition! ​


Whenever, Wherever, However

Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone

Let's lift our spirits♪

Meet the Team



Representative employee


  • Instagram

While doing hair and makeup in the advertising industry,

Utilizing the skills and knowledge gained from

In charge of wig production.


Medical consultant

Representative employee


  • Ringate

At a domestic manufacturer-affiliated consulting company,

Engaged in consulting business.

Director of medical corporation, founded Ringate Co., Ltd. in 2020.

Looper staff mizho

Representative employee


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While running an eyelash and eyebrow salon,

It leads to brightening the feelings of beauty

By entering the fashion industry,Worked on dressmaking patterns and fabric design.




Wig counter, hair consultation


From choosing a wig to how to set it naturally,

​Styling cut,size change etc.

Hair consultation desk



A fashion brand that focuses on patterned items.


With original fabric and design

​Producing impactful clothes

Sponsor Brands Wanted

​ Recruiting sponsor brands

We are looking for people and brands who want to spread fashion medicine and beauty together. If you sympathize with whichever's thoughts, please feel free to contact us!

Thanks for submitting!

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