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Turbou was created by a friend who was suffering from hair loss due to illness.

A hair accessory item that can be enjoyed in 2 ways, such as tying your hair together as a turban or covering the entire head as a hat.

GARA was started after feeling the darkness of hospitals when visiting patients and wondering if there was a way to add more brightness.

Original patterned pajamas made with the idea that you can enjoy more colors.

These two brands have collaborated to create [Patterned Turbo]!!

Located in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture,Complex facility diporto FUKUYAMA

(Original product produced by (Diporto Fukuyama)

​A very popular fashionable item that can be used as a turban or a hat♪

In addition to the collaboration with GARA, we have everything from simple black, khaki, and beige to collaborative turbos with embroidery and indigo dyeing.


What is Turbo??


There are two types of patterns in collaboration with Turbo


You can purchase Turbo from the store, and inquiries can be made via LINE.

How to turbo

How to attach turbo

Turbo can be worn in many different ways, but we will introduce some of them♪

How to put on a turban.png


rubber part andPlace the loop over your neck so that the two pieces of cloth containing the wire are at the back.

How to wear a turban 1.JPG


​ Raise the front of the ring to the position where you want the turban to be.

The ears are cute whether they are fully exposed or partially exposed♪

​It's easier to make by hiding the ears first!

How to wear a turban 2.JPG


Twist the two pieces of cloth under the back, cross them, and bring them to the top.

How to wear a turban 3.JPG


Twist and cross at the top to create a free shape!

How to wear a turban 4.JPG


You can also make a shape by twisting the top, making a cross, then bringing it to the bottom again and gathering the wires together at the back of the bottom♪​

​If you want to make it like this, you don't need to do the cross under step 03◎

Turbo purchase image.png


I am happy to be able to collaborate with the very wonderful product TABO

Please expand your fashion range and have fun!

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