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It's normal for your appearance to change over the course of your life.

For those who have lost their desired appearance due to aging, illness, injury, or various other reasons,

I want to provide a comfortable appearance as much as possible.

When I'm fine and when I'm not

take care of your own mental health

​We will provide services that help you achieve your desired lifestyle from the outside.



Two plans to solve your worries about wigsWe offer!




In 2002, she moved to the United States and developed her own LA style while working at a local beauty salon.
While setting up a hair and makeup studio in Ebisu since 2010, he continues to jump around not only in the suburbs of Tokyo, but also in rural areas and overseas.

We also produce fashionable wigs for television, magazines, advertisements for apparel makers, stage performances, hair and makeup for artists, and other events and commercials.

Sponsor of hair show "HairJhow" in various places in Tokyo / Gamokore exclusive

Every day, as a freelance hair and make-up artist, I have been arranging wigs to be used in commercials and making wigs for cosplayers.


Under such circumstances, one day a friend with a chronic disease told me, "I may be treated with anticancer drugs." "I was afraid of losing my hair, so I put it off no matter what, but it seems that I can't escape now." He knew that I was in the wig business, so he consulted me about procuring wigs.

I was still in my 30s, and there was no one around me who had undergone anticancer drug treatment in my age group.

In the midst of all this, I've been working with wigs as a hair and make-up artist. Even if I can't get rid of my fear of losing my hair and my anxiety about side effects, I can still help you improve your appearance. I did it regularly, and my friend safely finished the anti-cancer drug treatment and her natural hair returned, and now she has returned to a life where she does not need a wig.

This experience has greatly changed the significance of my work as a hair and makeup artist who has been involved in the entertainment industry. I have come to feel strongly that I want to spread hair and makeup to more people in the direction of getting closer to my original appearance and adjusting my appearance to what I want to be.

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