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"Make every day more fun with stylish pajamas"

GARA logo

So that you can enjoy “fashion” anytime, anywhere

GARA (pattern) is a brand that focuses on patterned items that make an impact and can be matched with your existing clothes.

Our mission is to convey the power of color and pattern while creating clothes that make it easy for anyone to enjoy fashion, without separating those who are being treated for illness or injury from those who are healthy.

What is GARA??

I create original patterns (GARA) by drawing pictures using paints and alcohol ink, and combining pictures.◎

You can also draw a picture with your little one and make it into a pattern♪

We are currently developing room wear that allows you to change your mood with colors and patterns!



​Original fabric featuring abstract patterns


Cotton linen lining: cupro

Made of cotton linen fabric with good breathability.The back is smooth

Smooth to the touch, hygroscopic and moisturizing properties

Less likely to cause static electricity



Loose and comfortable pants

You can go outside wearing a kimono-style haori.

Room wear♪

​A stylish gown that takes care of its shape!



New color

New color


Double jersey​ / 100% polyester

It has elasticity on the sides and is just the right thickness for a T-shirt.

The fabric is wrinkle resistant.



Loose and comfortable pajamas

Looks great even when I go out for a while

​The bold pattern will improve your mood♪



Collaboration products


What do you feel when you visit a hospital? "Very dark"

When I thought the patient was living with anxiety

I wanted to do something that brightened the atmosphere and made me feel warmer.


When I went to get eyelash extensions for a friend who was in the hospital,

My friends were happy and excited, and the patients around me were envious.


“After all, tension rises!”

“Even an injury (or illness) can be positive!”

When I was told that, I felt that the power of beauty is amazing.


While I was thinking about something that could brighten patients up with beauty,

Corona has started and I can't touch it directly.


So, when I thought about something that could lift my spirits just like beauty, I thought it was fashion.


Fabrics such as pajamas, head accessories, and pillowcases also brighten up.

I want you to feel how what you wear can change your mood.


Overseas hospitals, especially Danish hospitals, incorporate colorful colors from inside the hospital,

The clothes of the patients and the uniforms of the teachers are also colorful.

At first glance, I thought that creating an atmosphere that did not seem like a hospital was very warm from the perspective of anxious patients.


"I am sick"

"It's different"

In the midst of feeling depressed, enjoy the present more,

I think it is very important to be in a place with a good atmosphere.


I want to approach more spiritual thoughts.

LOOPER staff mizho


In 2007, I started an eyelash extension salon [E-10eyelash] in Ebisu.
In 2010, he opened an eyelash and eyebrow salon, which was renamed [LOOPER] and incorporated a hair and makeup booth. Without choosing any means to "lighten up your feelings", start original fabric design [GARA] as a fashion department.

In addition, bridal photo "LOOPER Bridal" planning / creative design office &.creatiVe supervision / hair show "HairJhow" dancer / motivation magazine free paper "SPONGi" production / original jewelry ".AND" production / owned media " made by looper” project 

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