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Sideburns wig

make wig more natural
sideburns wig

Sideburns are part of the hair that affects the overall impression of the face.

​ If you wear a wig and feel something unnatural, it might be a sideburn?!


Sideburn Wig- 3 Advantages

I feel like I'm floating.

I'm worried that it might be found out that it's a wig...

​You can't show your ears with a wig...

I can't even do my hair.

The area around the face is unnatural. ​

​How can it become natural?

Feel free to talk about wigs

Someone who can listen​I wonder if it's there. .


​Solve the unnatural look with sideburns!! ︎

If you don't feel like your wig fits properly,Check the sideburnsplease.

What is easy to find out with a wig?Unnatural hairlineMost of the time, it's because it looks like this.

​ Just adding sideburns will change the way the wig fits ◎

​Good points

Advantages of sideburn wigs

“It’s just sideburns, but it’s still sideburns”

Just like the back of your hair looks cute when you set your hair, just having sideburns makes a wig look great◎

​ Please enjoy the wig and make it look more natural♪

​ Hair bundled with a wig
Enjoy piercings

With sideburns, you can enjoy hairstyles that show your ears, and you won't have to worry about the boundaries of the wig!

In addition, you can enjoy the wig even if you wear piercings, glasses, masks, etc. ♪


The profile is also beautiful ◎

If your hairline is so clean like the photo on the left, you can't help but feel like you're wearing a wig.

When you put your hair over your ears, the top of your ears will float, giving it the feel of a wig.

By having sideburns that look like downy hair, you can create a more natural profile◎

​Another point is that you can expect a smaller face effect by reducing the blank space on your face♪


small face effect

By exposing your ears, you can expand the range of hair arrangements!

Among them, half-up is recommended♪

​You can enjoy fashion with a loose arrangement even with a wig!



You can purchase sideburns from the store, and inquiries can be made from LINE.

How to attach sideburn wig

How to fit

We recommend sewing sideburns onto the wig.​There are three ways to attach it◎


First, put on the wig and put the hair on your ears.


Check the position of the sideburns and secure with pins.


Take off the wig and turn it inside out.


Sew it in the pinned position.

Sew on the green line using an overlock stitch.



If you sew it slightly curved, it will fit more closely to the curve of your face.


If you sew it straight, the face side may come out a little.



wig on ears


We provide sewing services

For those who purchase a wig at our store, we also offer a sideburn sewing service◎

If you want to sew it onto a wig you already own, we will charge an additional 3,300 yen (tax included).

If you would like to sew it on, please contact us via LINE or email with ``About sewing sideburns'' ^^

You can purchase sideburns from the store, and inquiries can be made from LINE.

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